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As soon as you have enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B you will have the option to fill in the coverage gaps with a Medicare Supplement plan. There are numerous insurance companies to pick from and every one of them has to offer the same core benefits, but many provide additional coverages.. More

Most seniors who begin shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance feel like their choice is an easy one since all plans must be alike. Knowing this, many people feel that the price should be the deciding factor and therefore shopping their insurance should be a quick and easy process. Although we agree that shopping for Medicare.. More

With the increasing cost of medications today, any senior who is on multiple medications becomes quickly aware of how vital Medicare Part D can be. Whether you are getting drug coverage through a Part D stand-alone plan or getting the coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan, getting help with your with the rising costs of.. More

Medicare Advantage Plans: The Pros And Cons  Is your 65th birthday approaching quicker than you’d like? You know you’ve got some decisions to make about Medicare and it’s time you understood what your options are and fortunately, you do have some options. You probably know that Original Medicare is available but you’ve likely heard that.. More

Although Medicare Advantage Plans can fill the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B, and in most cases provide additional coverage like prescription drugs, it always pays to review your plan every year so you can evaluate whether it’s still providing the best solutions for coverages, cost, and convenience. Here we’ll discuss how to.. More

If you did your homework after signing up for Original Medicare and purchased a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy, over time you may be wondering if you got the best bang for the buck. If you’re satisfied with your current plant and the company or agent is responding to service requests, your best bet is to.. More

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are on the threshold of creating a retirement plan or you have already invested a significant amount of time putting a solid retirement plan together. Your retirement plan may include one or more annuities that could maximize your lifetime income and also maximize a payout to your.. More

For most seniors, getting older can become very expensive in terms of healthcare costs like in-home nursing care, nursing home care, and other “later-in-life” needs. Regretfully, the insurance products designed to mitigate these expenses have become unaffordable for many of the seniors who need them. Currently, the average annual costs for long-term care insurance has.. More

The argument for when is the best time to begin drawing your social security benefits has become heated lately. The reason for this is that an individual’s circumstances have so much to do with making an informed decision. For some, taking your benefits as early as possible makes sense and for others, waiting is the.. More

Funeral life insurance oftentimes referred to as burial or final expense insurance refers to a group of life insurance products that are intended to pay for funeral and other end-of-life expenses. Most individuals use funeral life insurance as a means to ensure that their funeral is pre-arranged and paid for in advance, that way the.. More